How do I Find my Customers?

That’s the $1,000,000 question, isn’t it?

If your marketing messages don’t hit home with your desired audience, it’s all over.
Talking about how great your product is won’t get it done.

What will?

It’s this: Let them know you can deliver the benefits they seek with your product.

Are you keeping that promise with your marketing?

Want to see where you’re missing real opportunity to connect with and engage your customers’ interest?

We follow six rules of marketing; now you can, too.
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Make sure you read #5 because, even if you get everything else right, if you fail at this, you’ve wasted everything!



Whether it’s a catchy headline, engaging image or thought provoking question, they can’t buy from you if they don’t know you exist.



What’s your first goal with prospects? “Hmmm- that’s interesting. Tell me more.”



Aha! They want more? Great! Give it to them.





Now, show them how to get ‘more’ BUT there’s something critical you NEVER give away….


Have you met our good friend AIDA?
She’s every marketer’s best buddy.
Want new customers?
Want returning, renewing, long-term customers?
Of course you do!

Let’s get this straight: your customer isn’t looking for your product or service; they’re looking for the impact, the change, the solution they believe your product or service will deliver.

Creating that awareness and connection is marketing’s job, its only job. You want your desired audience to know that your widgets – no matter what they are – will deliver what they’re looking for.

AIDA is your best friend; let us introduce you to her with every marketing strategy and tool we offer.

We do that with a considered selection of services; you can learn more about those here.

Want to Learn How to Select and Execute the Right Marketing Tools for Your Business?

We’re OK with that! In fact, we’ll show you how. We’ve taught lots of business owners – some of whom hated marketing – how to love it because it delivers results.

Happy to do it for you, too.

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Content Creation

Speak in the language that engages your client's attention as well as Google's.

Clean SEO

Do you want search engines to find you with relevant links or with fake ones that will penalize you with Google?

Web Design that Works

Good design scores high with Google search placement and gets your desired audience's attention.

Keyword Research/Results

You may know what your site is about but the only opinion that counts is Google's; let's make sure you speak the same language

Graphic Design

Pictures are worth 1,000 words; are they the right words? Let's make sure.

Social Media Marketing

Are you building relationships in the right places or trying to create interest where nobody cares?

Full Service Marketing Plans that Work for You

Know what you need and want to get it done fast and effectively? Here are packages designed to keep you visible to your audience with the message they want to see:

Blog Creation and Distribution

Let’s create your editorial calendar of relevant, engaging topics.

Using your schedule, we’ll prepare and upload a monthly, keyword-filled blog post of 1,000 words.

Each week, we’ll post snippets to 1-2 of your social media platforms, linking back to your site’s blog.

We’ll add a comments feature to encourage your visitors to speak about your blog. In that way, you’ll generate feedback, know your readers’ thoughts, and create back links that will impress Google even more.


Social Media Blitz

Got plenty of content sitting around, making no impact for you?

Let’s change that.

Using your content, we’ll create real interest for your brand, posting, creating polls, asking questions, and responding to connections on your Facebook or Linkedin accounts.

We’ll add you to relevant groups, find the right kind of connections and generate relationships using our powerful five – step social media system.

Remember, they have to know, like, and trust you before they buy from you.

SEO Done Right

How are people looking for you? And, how does Google interpret what it sees on your site? Does Google see the words your customers use to seek you out?

Every day – really, every day we’ll manage behind the scenes tests to help you be found easily by the right audience: your prospect and your friend, Google.

Page loading slowly? Bad links? Clickable buttons moving around? Hacked? It all makes a (lousy) difference.

Let’s make a great difference, instead; monthly reports will reveal the impact.


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