Website Audit

Back Links? UX? Redirections? Sitemap? Largest Contentful Paint?

What does it all mean? It’s digital marketing talk for getting more people to visit your site.

That’s what you want, right? Whether through organic search, a planned campaign or the blessings of Google, you want more people to visit your site – maybe even specific pages on your site – who want the benefits your products deliver.

And, unless you have a sizable advertising budget in place, you rely on search engines, largely Google, to point your desired audience to your site. That’s why we say that web design serves two audiences: your potential customer and Google!

Web design needs to serve Google’s ‘prime directive’ (Star Trek fans get me, I know): user experience. Anything that stands in the way of a user having a smooth, satisfying experience will keep you off a search result that could really be ideal for you.

More Than 200 Ranking Factors Can Stand in Your Way

Is your page load speed up to Google’s standards?

Is your site mobile friendly?

Got broken links?

Nutty keywords?

These are just a few of the technical back office issues we’ll explore and address before embarking on design changes for you. If you ask us to start from scratch and build a new site, these elements will be researched and implemented directly into your new site.

If you ask for some tweaks, shifts and updates, we research and discuss our recommendations with you before implementing suggested changes that will make Google give you its ‘thumbs up’ when a user is looking for a solution just like the one your business provides.

We’ll perform an in-depth website audit that reveals every flaw and weakness. But we don’t see them that way! Really – they are every opportunity to improve the likelihood that Google will not only pick your site for a relevant search, it will – over time – gradually lift the placement of your site in that search. This is part of technical SEO: Search Engine Optimization. Read more about it here.

What Our Clients Say

What Are the Next Steps After A Website Audit?

So, you’ve made it through your SEO audit, and you’ve found plenty of areas for improvement. What happens next? The work begins.

Fix Technical errors

If you don’t have regular website maintenance coverage, then you probably have a lot of work to do.
You got a diagnosis with guidelines to improve your site’s visibility; now is the time to take advantage of those opportunities.

A technically perfect website is a first step for good rankings on Google and getting in front of your desired audience.

Keyword Research

How does someone search for your category of business?

It may not be the phrase or words you, an insider, might guess. Let’s take the guesswork out and do the research, both the popular ways people are searching and the keywords your competitors are successfully using.

Content Creation

Once we understand your power keywords, let’s apply them: site page content, blogs, articles, social posts: where can we place your content using the language that will deliver the attention you want?

Read more about Content Creation here

Website Audit Example

What we stressed here as well as on our website design page is that your site, the representation of your business online, has been carefully designed to appeal to your desired audience. However, before they can ever read your engaging remarks or discover the true value you could deliver, they have to know your site exists. And that’s where Google and other search engines come in.

When someone searches for your kind of business it’s up to the search engine to find the matching content. But the search engines do more than that; they look for content that is comprehensive, up to date, has credibility and will deliver a good experience to the reader. How do you know if your site or blog pass the test?

That’s what an audit will reveal.

The best way for you to see just how deep this analysis goes,  is to check out one of our recent audits and the concluding recommendations.

This 30+ page document is a treasure map to increased visibility to the right audience more often.

Of course, we’ve protected our client’s identity but you can clearly see: what looked like a fully functioning, appealing site was really sending out all the wrong signals to the search engines.

And that’s what stands between you and your next customers. Check it out, below.

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