Website Maintenance

What Is Website Maintenance?

Got your digital business up and running? Website done, marketing messages in place, your processes and policies polished and documented? Great start! Now, keep it going; here’s what we mean:

Imagine you’ve just bought a newly constructed house. It’s pristine; it’s gorgeous. You’ve added your personal possessions to make it your home. What will keep it that way? Well, you know: cleaning the gutters, ensuring the basement is dry and crack-free, keeping the roof secure and sturdy, inspecting the boiler, the air conditioner, the driveway. Watching the windows and doors for moisture or air leaks. Checking the kitchen appliances, dusting, vacuuming, washing the floors. It’s maintenance, right? Without it the elements invade: mold, cold, rain, leaks and dangerous inefficiencies risk everything you worked for, all you invested in your home.

Well, your website needs it, too. Ignore it and things start to go wrong: page load speeds go down, virus infiltration goes up, software becomes outdated and apps aren’t working together as they once did. Links don’t seem to work anymore, images just never resolve on the screen and a click of a button takes a user someplace other than they expected to go. The result? User experience – Google’s key focus for including your site in a relevant search – goes down. And there goes your audience…..

Websites, like your home or car, need constant maintenance. It’s an ongoing process of ‘kicking the tires’: daily review of the behind-the-scenes functions that keep everything working as beautifully as when you first launched it. This helps your traffic grow, improves your Search Engine Optimization and gradually helps you show up higher in a search ranking.

Security & Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Perhaps more importantly, ongoing maintenance protects the security of your site. Especially if you chose the extremely popular and usable WordPress platform. Hackers just love WordPress and of all the hacked sites, WP sites are 90% of all the victims!

And Google? Well, Google and other search engines are really your business partners. Unless you have a huge advertising budget, you depend on search engines to choose your site when someone is seeking your category of business. And what do search engines want to see? Websites that are up to date, publish new, relevant content, and offer an easy, trouble-free user experience.

By adding maintenance to your website, you will improve SEO rankings, boost online traffic, and increase conversion rate.

Backup Files

AND all your files will be backed up. You know that feeling of horror when you realize the proposal you planned to deliver in an hour has disappeared? Your list of prospects has vanished? If you are not backing up your files, malware can attack.

For simple, informational websites we recommend a weekly backup. However, if you own a more complex website with dynamic content and images that are changing constantly such as an eCommerce website, then you might consider backing it up more frequently. And that can be hourly if needed.

Which one is good for me?

We offer several levels of maintenance plans and one of them is ideal for you with ongoing website maintenance and support. If you don’t have a maintenance professional on your team to can take care of this, we urge you to purchase one of our plans. Would you get in your car without insurance? Believe me, you don’t ever want to discover your site has been invaded, deleted, or simply spouting gibberish on screens around the world because a hacker got it.

A maintenance plan will save you money and heartache in the future. Issues that are unnoticed or ignored can result in a broken website or worse, a deleted website. That will cause a loss of revenue, time, and all your dreams of success while you’re paying far more for repair than you ever would for prevention.

Not sure which is right for you? Take a look at the benefit summary below each option and that will help you choose. Need more guidance? Just give us a call ~

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Frequently asked questions about Maintenance

Web maintenance services are essentially regularly checking your website for updates, bugs, issues that could potentially lead to detrimental results for your website on search engines. 

Every kind of website needs maintenance simply because every site is vulnerable to hacks, outdated apps, bad links, changing text, images and buttons which can all reduce page load speed and button accuracy.

Yes, proper and relevant web maintenance definitely helps your website in getting positive ranking in the SERPs.
Keeping all the technical details up to date and accurate is a very important aspect of SEO; you can learn more about SEO here.

No, your web site will not go down while we conduct routine maintenance work on it.

There is always a checklist of items on a website maintenance plan to be done to ensure the website is running smoothly.

As long as you know what are you doing.

However, hiring professional developers who don’t offer a package like ours will likely cost considerably more AND if you hire someone who’s not a pro, you can end up with seriously irreparable problems.