Your Marketing Presence

Do Your Marketing Goals Match Your Marketing Reality?

Before you spend another dime or minute on marketing actions, there are some details we need to know; the inside scoop on what, how and why the right people – your desired audience – will respond (really, feel drawn) to the promise of your message.

You see, while it may seem weird, what’s most important to you about what you offer may have nothing to do with what your prospects hope you can deliver with your products or services.

We Offer In-Depth Analytics for Your Audience, Your Marketing Choices, Your Online Presence

That’s why, before we do anything, let’s:

Let’s be clear about what you want to achieve, over what period of time and whether you want us to prepare a plan or implement it as well.

Who is out there looking for the benefits your product or service delivers? What do they wish they could get yet don’t from your competitor? How are they searching? What do they hope to protect or change that you are able to deliver for them? Answers – we need answers! There are several tools to provide those answers; one that we like is a Keyword Analysis; you can learn more here.

Effective marketing is never a one-time thing; it’s a long-term relationship that builds trust and expectations with your buyers. What resources (tools, time, money) do you want to invest to keep building that relationship?

Is what you say what your audience wants to hear? Are you speaking their language? Are you promoting the benefits – the impact or result – they seek from your offerings or are you touting features that make you proud? The former will open doors; the latter will slam ‘em in your face. You can learn how to get it right here.

o As pretty as it is, your website is not designed to serve you. It has two more important audiences: your potential buyer and Google which is in control of who sees it. And Google is a hard task master: user experience, content, speed, jiggly buttons – is your site up to the challenge? You can learn more here.

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