Graphics Design

Do you know what attracts human eyes more than any other image?

It’s an image of other humans with some emotional content. Have you noticed the pictures of all kinds of people throughout these pages? They’re all feeling something; you can tell, right? There are all kinds of connections, emotional engagement in some form – some internal and some with others.

Images are great that way, whether they’re photos, drawings or abstract design. Graphic Design needs to get across a feeling, a sense of identification with that feeling or not.  Here are a couple of examples:

See this first design for Aloha Healing Touch? Isn’t that relaxing? Can you feel the strength of the massage therapist and the pleasure of the client on the table? A few things went into that including the client’s logo colors, her typical audience and curved shapes (did you know curved shapes not only create a cozy, relaxed feel, they are also preferred – usually – by women, the client’s audience?)

Here’s another one we did for Assisting Hands; they needed a recruitment banner for a campaign seeking care managers.  The client wanted to convey its company values, its tagline, colors and population. You can see we provided 3 options for them. And by the way – we heard they got a record number candidates for the position!

Another client, Enable Geriatric Care Management, wanted a logo for a new service which created a support group for adult children, usually women, whose elderly parents are in decline and who are often dealing with tremendous stress and family conflict.

This image was a hit on the first try; it conveys freedom through the woman’s outstretched position as well as growth and community with the abundant leaves

And, do you see that tri-fold brochure? That was not easy. The client, hosting a 4-day leadership retreat, needed a brochure with all events listed with room for notes on a single page. And – we needed to get it done in under 48 hours! The color and shape contrasts help to ease focus on the page and it’s all there; whew!

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