About Us

Who Are We?

We’re an international team of providers for marketing excellence. Regardless of where we live, we all speak the language of marketing that’s music to your ears: communicating to your audience that you’re in a position to give them the benefit they’re hunting for when they buy your services or goods.

Why Our Marketing Rocks:

We like to work for:

  • a business owner who likes comprehensive attention on goals 
  • the owner who’s got something of great value to deliver and hasn’t quite figured out how to get the message heard as it should
  • the business leader who finds marketing is frustrating as hell and is tired of wasting money on one thing after another.


So, why does our marketing rock? Because it’s your marketing – your messaging, designed to reach your audience with the language they use, the benefits they want placed where they’re easily found and receptive to your message.

That’s our formula: we listen to you, we listen to your desired buyer and we start a conversation that will lead to the marketing result you want: your desired buyer acting on your invitation.

Sound good?

Let’s Have a Conversation

Let’s explore the possibilities and find out why our team of designers, technicians and strategists could be your ideal partners for a more satisfying and profitable experience with marketing. You can do that right here – zero obligation, no credit card required or hard sell applied.

Our Team Leaders

Our International Professionals

One of the great benefits of working in a digital world is the ability to forge relationships with people anywhere. You want to do that in your marketing and we’ve done it with our team.

Don Vito Corleone

Capo di tutti capi

Andrea Feinberg

Marketing Maven

Darko Stratijev

Chief Visionary Officer,
Web Consultant, SEO Expert

Tamara Geshtamov

PR,Social Media,
London Office Leader

Ivan Golubovic

Lead Graphic Designer & Video Editor

Oliver Stanojevic

Lead Programmer