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I wish I may, I wish I might...
get the right person to stay on my site.

That’s what you want, right? Whether through organic search, a planned campaign or the blessings of Google, you want more people to visit your site – maybe even specific pages on your site – who want the benefits your products deliver.

More than that, you want to pique their interest and get them to poke around, finding more and more reasons to stay and learn even more because they’re getting the idea you may be The One (sorry Keanu Reaves, you’re only ‘The One’ in fantasy movies).

You could be the one who’ll solve the problem that’s been keeping them up at night.

Copywriting and Content Creation are two very important ways to get that done. Whether on a blog, social media post, web page, or email, your content helps your buyer feel a connection with you and the impact they believe you can make. Your content also helps Google and other search engines decide whether you belong in a SERP (that’s search engine results page) and can convince other websites to link to you.

So, do we just make it all up while watching a weepy movie? No – the right language comes from knowing who, what, why and how. Let’s look at each:

Who is looking for you and the products you offer? How might you define them beyond ‘a dad in his 40’s’?  The more specific you are about who you serve, the easier it will be to portray you – honestly and completely – as having the solution they seek. Really, you may think you’re leaving money on the table when you narrow down your audience the way we recommend, but – believe me – our way is more powerful and less expensive for you. Two important considerations, right?

What is going on for them when they realize it’s time to either fix some problem, change something that’s no longer working or maybe maximize an opportunity. There are 4 possible things that could be happening when your prospect really sees your marketing content and decides to take action on it. Which one is it? Let’s make sure we really understand that before we write a word.

Why did they come to you to solve their problem? What did they read or see that made them think: “wow, they really get me!” What was happening with their current provider that turned them off? How did you really connect with them? Important to know, don’t you agree?

How are they looking for their solution? Oh man – this one’s huge! You may have a teenager telling you to put your messages ‘here’ while your competitor is doing something else entirely and you haven’t got any idea where your marketing investment should land. Well, there are only 2 considerations when you decide to make your marketing line in the sand and that decision will guide us with your content – its type, placement, and frequency.

Uh, hang on; there’s another ‘how’ here: how do they want to feel as a result of using your product or service? This is a biggie; it goes to the very heart of why someone will respond to your messaging and ultimately say yes, no, or not now. Marketing lives for feelings – for understanding what they are, whether they’re out there on a sleeve for all to see or hidden under guilt or embarrassment. What do you say to someone after they’ve responded to you? Marketing is not just about engaging someone’s attention and interest; it’s about keeping it, too.

Wait, another how?? Yes, it’s this: how much bang for your buck do you want? Because, more than preparing and placing your marketing content and copywriting, there’s another word we like to use here; it’s ‘leverage’. Do you know how many ways you can benefit from a simple email? A blog? A social media post? A text conversation? If it works once, let’s do it again and then at least once more.

So, as much as we’d like to write or design content for you, we need to speak with you first. Let’s set that up here.

Features vs. Benefits

The most important thing to understand about copywriting is the difference between features and benefits.

Features are the “parts” of a product or service. They’re the things built into a product or service and serve a specific purpose. Typically, features allow a user to accomplish something. On the other hand, benefits are the added value people get when they use a product.

“You” Not “We”

Pronouns matter a lot in copywriting. In fact, a basic rule of copywriting is to talk more about your customers and their needs than your company, brand, or product in marketing communications.

Remember, the most popular topic anyone wants to talk about is themselves. So, in line with that, check the next box.

What’s in it for me?

This is another fundamental rule of copywriting. If the message you plan to send doesn’t tell recipients what’s in it for them if they take the time to open and read it, then you need to make some changes to the message.

Really, it’s only in fantasy movies that ‘if you build it they will come.’

What Our Clients Say

We Produce So Much Copy Our Fingers Exercise!

There are so many ways to communicate – really connect – with your desired audience; here are some samples:
Postcards, Squeeze Pages, Blogs, Social Media Posts, Site Pages, Email Series

There's more coming, as soon as our fingers rest up ~

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